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Price in consultation and diagnostic centers Ekomed - 60 UAH.

Phytoconcentrate Polynorm - normalizes the condition of intercellular substance (extracellular matrix) that stimulates the regenerative processes throughout the body, improves the quality of any treatment. It helps accelerate the elimination of toxins, which relieves intoxication. Especially effective is the influence of the drug  on chronic inflammation of the connective tissue, in which there is much intercellular substance. The usage Polynorm normalizes regulatory interactions between cells, so there is a significant antitumor effect. Polynorm accelerates healing of wounds, venous ulcers, fusion of bones: treats, chronic fatigue. It is also used for the rehabilitation of oncology patients, the fight against benign tumor, in the prevention of malignant transformation in precancerous states.

Indications: used in case of polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, myositis, scattering sclerosis, cirrhosis and fibrosis of internal organs, as well as other long-term chronic pathological processes which have poorly been answering  to the treatment.

Posology and Administration: one-three times a day 30 - 50 drops per 50 ml of water.

Alternative form of issuance: tableted form Polynorm 1 pill = 20 drops

there were no side effects discovered during the approbation of Polynorm in clinics of different profiles ( the general restrictions are indicated on the package).

Composition: aqueous alcohol extract of Centaury herb, Balm herb, Wormwood,Wild Strawberry, Equisetum, Common, Lime flowers, Marigold, Dog Rose fruit, Juniper, Eleutherococcus roots, Birchtree fungus.

Form of issuance: water-alcohol solution.

Packaging:  50 ml solar protective glass bottle  with dropper cap in the cardboard box 45 * 45 * 100mm, group packing - 50 pcs

Storage method: 2 years, store in a dark place at  15° C- + 25 ° C

TU 15.8-23732912-016: 2006

Additional information: Turbidity of the solution, or the appearance of the sediment does not indicate damage to or loss of the drug activity.

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