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Price in consultation and diagnostic centers Ekomed - 38UAH.

Composition: aqueous alcohol extract of common Beans, Valerian rhizome and root, Wormwood, Horse chestnut, Juniper berries.

Clinical studies have proven that phytoconcentrate Neurin restores rapidly and more extensively body’s functions after cerebral insult or craniocerebral trauma. Neurin helps recovery process after a stroke such as speech disorders, hearing and visual impairment, lack of coordination. It is also useful for those who had brain infection and neurointoxication. According to Gromashevsky Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases investigation Neurin has a unique action to regenerate myelin sheath of the nerve fiber and its growth which results in better nerve conduction. Due to this function it helps in age-related changes like impairment of memory, hearing, mental alertness, etc. Neurin has been shown to provide aid in cases of mental retardation and encephalopathy of newborns.

This phytoconcentrate has a positive effect on the peripheral nervous system. Its administration facilitates relief of pain such as neuralgia and radiculitis. Neurin also assists in relief from vertebrogenic and diabetic neuropathy, e.g., pain, dumbness of extremities, formication (insects crawling upon the skin) sensation, etc.

Moreover, phytoconcentrate Neurin normalizes greatly the psychoemotional state which is helpful to those with irritability, depressive disorders, stress, as well as improvement of mental capacity. It affects positively the function of hypothalamus and hypophysis which can result in better activity of the endocrine and vegetative systems. When dosed properly the phytoconcentrate does not display any side effects.

It is recommended for those who suffer from asthenic and depressive states, neurocirculatory disorders, autonomic neuropathy, head injuries and stroke, acute disorders of cerebral blood flow (paresis, paralysis). Has been shown useful as a supplemental remedy for individuals with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, hyperkinesia, and parkinsonism.

Take 20-30 drops per 40-60 ml of water two or three times a day.

Extensive testing in clinics has not revealed any side effects caused by Neurin (see for general instructions and precautions on the package).

TУ У 15.8-23732912-016:2006

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