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Price in consultation and diagnostic centers Ekomed - 38UAH.

Composition: aqueous alcohol extract of flowers of Immortelle, Cornflower, Lingonberry leaves, Bearberry leaves, Wild strawberry leaves, Common knotgrass, Equisetum or horsetail herb, Violet herb, Chinese green tea.

There are several causes for chronic kidney disease, these can be diabetes, high blood pressure, glomerulonephritis, which is the inflammation and damage of the filtration system of the kidneys, polycystic kidney disease, certain medications toxic to kidneys, clogging and hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), HIV infection, sickle cell disease, heroin abuse, amyloidosis, kidney stones, chronic kidney infections, and cancer. As there are multiple causes it is extremely difficult to treat diseased kidneys with one single agent.

It has been shown in clinical studies that phytoconcentrate Nephropathin contributes to normalization of nearly all functions of kidneys and provides complete normalization of urine tests. It facilitates removal of nitrogenated agents from the organism, normalizes electrolyte blood balance, regulation of blood volume and flow, aminogenesis, metabolism of proteins, lipids and carbohydrates, pH stabilization in blood and other homeostatic functions.

Moreover in patients with chronic renal insufficiency Nephropathin displays distinct anti-anemic effect. Wide spectrum of preparation’s action distinguishes Nephropathin from diuretics, which can only intensify the excretory function.

Taking phytoconcentrate Nephropathin in combination with standard therapy results in better clinical response. Broad regenerative action of Nephropathin and absence of side effects makes it the key remedy at any renal pathology in adults and children. It is also efficacious in complex approach of correcting cardiac insufficiency and hypertension.

Take 30-40 drops per 50-100 ml of water depending on the intensity of symptoms once-twice a day.

Extensive testing in clinics has not revealed any side effects caused by Nephropathin (see for general instructions and precautions on the package).

TУ У 15.8-23732912-016:2006

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