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Dzherelo-P a natural functional food product and immune modulator, bringing a reinforced immunity formula to prevent and fight acute and chronic viral and bacterial infections.

Mode of Action: The broad range of action characteristic of the Dzherelo solution (antibody and cellular response, nonspecific immunity, general regenerative, anti-inflammatory and radioprotective effect) does not allow for its action to be concentrated in a single area. On the contrary, Dzherelo-P has a focused effect on specific immunity, raising antibody-mediated and cellular immunity to maximum indicator even in patients taking large doses of antibiotics and other immunosuppressors. Dzherelo-P ensures the rapid eradication of nearly all kinds of pathogenic bacteria in the human body. The treatment of viral infections requires prophylactic or early stage administration, which allows for specific antibodies to be produced in time.

Indications: Dzherelo-P ensures efficient prophylaxis and treatment against acute and chronic viral and bacterial infections – influenza, acute respiratory diseases, hepatitis, tuberculosis, intestinal infections, neuroinfections, herpes, candidosis, chlamydia, bronchopneumonia, pyelonephritis, adnexitis, prostatitis.

Dosage and Administration (Adults): 50 to 70 drops diluted in 100 ml of water once or twice a day.

Dosage and Administration (Children): The daily dose is calculated as 1 drop per kilogram body weight. Divide the daily dose in two administrations, diluting each 5 to 10 drops in a tablespoonful of water.

Alternative Modes of Administration: nasal and eye drops – dilute in water, 1:6 ratio. For direct applications to inflammations – 20 to 30 drops per spoonful of water, apply for 30 minutes. Please note that cutaneous use solutions must not be pre-prepared or stored.

No side effects were discovered during clinical trials. General restrictions apply – see packaging for details.

Ingredients: hydroalcoholic extracts of aloe leaves, birch, nettle, milfoil grass, coneflower, marjoram, wormwood, hedge strawberry, cudweed, celandine, marigold flowers, snowball berries, buckthorn, fennel, briar, juniper, eleutherococcus roots, dandelion, stonecrop, chaga mushroom.

TR 15.8-23732912-016: 2006

Presentation: water-alcohol solution.

Storage: 2 years, to be stored in a dark place with temperatures between -10 and +40 °C

Packaging: 30 ml solar-reflecting glass bottle with dropper cap, packed in a 35*35*85mm cardboard box, multipack of 100 pcs

Additional: Cloudiness or sedimentation do not indicate spoilage.

Additional information*: Clouding of the solution or the appearance of a precipitate does not indicate damage or loss of activity of the drug.

Barcode / Barcode / Product Code / EAN / UPC / ISBN Code:  4820019210469

UKTZED: 1302 19 80 00

Morion Code: 74164


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