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Diabetin is a natural functional food product with a strong anorectic action, helping weight loss, reducing blood cholesterol and lipoprotein levels, limiting and slowing the development of diabetic angiopathies and neuropathies.

Mode of Action: Diabetin acts as a glucose normalizing agent. Apart from improving the patient’s overall condition, Diabetin reduces thirst, removes xerostomia and nycturia. The anorectic action allows patients to limit the amount of food consumed daily and thus adhere to the diet prescribed. For lighter forms of diabetes, Diabetin may act as the main glucose normalizer, while for more acute forms, it may replace synthetic hypoglycemic agents. Diabetin’s broad range of action allows to reduce complications and improve the efficiency of background therapy.

Indications: 1 and 2 type diabetes mellitus as well as accompanying complications.

Dosage and Administration (Adults): 30 to 40 drops diluted in 50 to 100 ml of water.

Dosage and Administration (Children): the daily dose is calculated as 1 drop per kilogram body weight. Divide the daily dose in two administrations, diluting each 5 to 10 drops in a tablespoonful of warm water.

No side effects were discovered during clinical trials. General restrictions apply – see packaging for details.

Ingredients: hydroalcoholic extracts of sage leaves, birch, blueberry, goatweed, cudweed, wormwood, chicory, immortelle flowers, dandelion roots.

TR U 15.8-23732912-016:2006

Additional: Cloudiness or sedimentation do not indicate spoilage.

Additional information*: Clouding of the solution or the appearance of a precipitate does not indicate damage or loss of activity of the drug.

Storage: 2 years, to be stored in a dark place with temperatures between -10 and +40 °C 

Packaging: 50 ml solar-reflecting glass bottle with dropper cap, packed in a 45*45*100mm cardboard box, multipack of 50 pcs

 Barcode / Barcode / Product Code / EAN / UPC / ISBN Code: 4820019210476

UKTZED: 1302 19 80 00

Morion Code: 48622


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