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Price in consultation and diagnostic centers Ekomed 50ml - 55UAH.

Composition: aqueous alcohol extract of Succulent Aloe leaves, Sage leaves, Mountain arnica leaves, Horse chestnut seeds, Linden or Linn Flowers of Common Lime, Propolis, Marsh cinquefoil herb, Licorice rhizome and roots, Beinwell roots.

Popularity of Artrosan led to development of Artrosan-Sport a preparation that has been specially developed for the Ukrainian athletic team for 2004 Olympic Games. It has been shown that phytoconcentrate Artrosan-Sport is effective for external application as a liniment that enhances endurance of ligaments, tendons and muscles. It has shown anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, and balming action. Artrosan-sport affects mainly connective tissues and thus is most beneficial for sports activity. It is used for treatment of sprain, stiffness, ache in muscles and joints as a result of physical activity. It is also efficacious in correcting soft tissue bruises without visible manifestations within 2-3 days after trauma. When taken regularly Artrosan-Sport strengthens ligaments and tendons and promotes their elasticity.

As with Artrosan this phytoconcentrate also assists in alleviating inflammatory processes in joints and vertebral column aggravated by aches, stiffness, and edema.

Dissolve the vial of phytoconcentrate in 200 ml of vodka or 40-50% of alcohol (in case of irritable skin use water as diluent). Use for gentle rubbing 2-5 times a week during 2-3 minutes or for daily liniments. Avoid contact with mucous tissues and injured skin.

Extensive testing in clinics has not revealed any side effects caused by Artrosan-Sport (see on the package for instructions and precautions).

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