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 Price in consultation and diagnostic centers Ekomed 30 ml - 40 UAH.
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Nervous tension and the pressures of modern life mobilize the human body’s reserves and activate the adrenal glands, producing cortisol, the ‘stress hormone’. Its prolongedproduction may lead to a range of stress-related diseases, including hypertension, heart seizure, obesity, diabetes, asthma, weakened immune responses, skin diseases, migraine, stomach malfunctions, insomnia, depression, sexual disfunction, accelerated ageing. Most of these conditions are underpinned bythe lowered cell sensitivity to insulin and their inability to use glucose. As the cells lose energy, the body’s overall tonusdeclines, leading to chronic fatigue and adipopexis.

Mode of Action: Kortinor normalizes cortisol production and improves its metabolism. An additional effect of the solution is its ability to restore cells’ insulin sensitivity.

Indications: treatment of various stress-related diseases, such asobesity, diabetes mellitus type II, chronic fatigue, sleep disorders, allergic reactions, sexual disfunctions, hypertension, heart diseases, headaches, digestion disorders, weakened immune responses as well as chronic inflammatory processes.

Dosage and Administration: 30 to 70 drops diluted in 50 ml of water once or twice a day.

No side effects were discovered during clinical trials. General restrictions apply – see packaging for details.

Ingredients: hydroalcoholic extracts of black chokeberries and rose hips, goat's rue and centaury grass, dandelion and eleutherococcus roots, linden flowers.

ТR U 15.8-23732912-016: 2006

Presentation: water-alcohol solution.

Storage: 2 years, to be stored in a dark place with temperatures between t°+ 15 - 25°C

Packaging: 50 ml solar-reflecting glass bottle with dropper cap, packed in a 45*45*100mm cardboard box, multipack of 50 pcs

Additional: Cloudiness or sedimentation do not indicate spoilage.

Additional information*: Clouding of the solution or the appearance of a precipitate does not indicate damage or loss of activity of the drug.

Dosage for children: Kortinor  is taken at the rate of 1 drop of the drug per 1 kg of baby weight equal to the daily dose, which is divided into 2 doses and diluted with warm water every 5-10 drops per tablespoon of water.

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