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Company “Ekomed” follows commandments of Hippocrates : Our food must be medicine, and our medicine must be our food

Company "Ekomed" was founded in 1996.

Thereafter we produce phytoconcentrates, on Ukraine having status of functional food products. However, a production begins long before a laboratory in forest and on the field, where nature - the unsurpassed designer of bioactive organic compounds provides a basis for our phytoconcentrates.

Only in nature we see the sources of effective mechanisms for the restoration of health and therefore we have a special relationship with it. Director company Ecomed V.C. Pylypchuk from the beginning of the company's existence in almost every interview tells about the primacy of solving environmental problems, warning about their consequences on human health.

 Observation of biological processes in nature with their inherent functional perfection, maximum efficiency and mutual harmony created a benchmark for our aspirations, in achieving which we combine traditions and innovations in design and production technology of our products. The principle of maximum return was extrapolated to the corporate philosophy, where the main criterion of the effectiveness of work is the improvement of the health of a particular person. This criterion by its value always dominates over economic factors, simultaneously, these values are also successfully provided by the people trust developed over the years to our preparations.

The company's products are made only from pharmacopoeial plants. We understand that each plant species, and each plant has its own soul, its own heart. This requires a particularly subtle approach in preserving and combining the ingredients extracted from them. In pharmacology, the phenomenon to which we strive for this is called synergism - the mutual potentiation of the therapeutic effect by the components.

Our production is certified by the international standard HACCP (systems for ensuring control at all stages of product production, storage and sale). In addition to technical and laboratory control, dedication of the company's employees is the most valuable tool for ensuring the quality and exclusivity of our products.

The company employs candidates and doctors of medical sciences, medical practitioners.  The research is carried out in collaboration with relevant domestic and foreign institutions and clinics.

Today, the academic world is increasingly accepting the rationality of our approaches to solving pressing health problems. The project of our company to study the effectiveness of the immunomodulator Immunosel in patients with resistant forms of pulmonary tuberculosis was announced among the winners of the Grand Challenges Canada “Stars in Global Health” 2013 competition. This grant funds the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with the Government of Canada, its goal is to “... search for innovations that can make a breakthrough in health care, innovations that are available for practical implementation, which will change the way to cure diseases with obvious benefit in solving current health problems including for citizens of developing countries. " Victory in this competition is a special milestone for our company.

The effectiveness of our products in the combined use of different pathologies is shown in clinical studies, publications and feedback from our customers. The accumulated result, together with the growing need of modern man in non-toxic means of assistance, necessitates the expansion of our range. Today, it is represented by phytoconcentrates with anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, cardiotropic, nephrotropic activity, means contributing to the normalization of the neuro-endocrine, water-salt balance of the body, microcirculation processes.

Thanks to the up-to-date methods and means of Ecomed, the possibilities of modern medicine in the treatment of mass, including serious diseases, have increased significantly.

Ecomed does not stop at what has been achieved and today continues to develop fundamentally new approaches to the prevention and treatment of diseases by natural, harmless, effective and inexpensive means. Modern medicine has not come close to such methods yet.


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