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Natural Medical Supplements

Ecomed phytoconcentrate products are safe and effective means for helping to relieve from illnesses of today.
Today there is a growing gap between available drugs and modern demands. Pathogenic organisms and diseases display the tendency to rise in numbers while medicines appear to be progressively less efficacious. The “magic bullets” of modern drugs, which unlike natural products, often have only a single mechanism of action, are failing as microbes become smarter. Scientists have now realized that even most effective antiviral preparations give rise to virus mutations. Some microbes have learned to incorporate antibiotics into their metabolism for further expansion. These problems are viewed by some as if modern drug-based medicine is in crisis. However, herbs have been used as medicines since time immemorial and many drugs originally discovered in plants, including aspirin, taxol, valium, quinine, etc., have become mainstays of human pharmacotherapy.
Today we are witnessing the renaissance of natural products that can supplement and or serve as an alternative to existing drugs. Plants offer enormous biodiversity that one can exploit if we know where to look. Ekomed’s technology and know-how are based on scientific principles resulting from meticulous research of modern pharmacology and unique ethnobotanical knowledge sourced from Oriental and Eastern European pharmacopeia. The complexity and synergy of natural medicines have been thoroughly explored – as a result science and nature are reunited.
Ekomed has brought together leading research scientists, doctors and practitioners to evaluate the chemical, pharmacological and clinical benefits of natural products. Basic and clinical studies conducted at more than 40 research institutes and hospitals in Ukraine have confirmed beneficial properties of Ekomed’s phytoconcentrates as safe and effective means for alleviating various ailments. Like drugs, any plant with healing potential when used appropriately also has the potential for harm when used irresponsibly. Ekomed has paid particular attention to this problem and has gone through painstaking safety studies with every single preparation to rule out any such potential problems. Every batch of phytoconcentrates passes exhaustive quality control before it reaches the consumer.
More than 15 years of intensive research culminated in the approval of the whole range of Ekomed’s natural products by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. All medicinal plants used in our phytoconcentrates are designated as safe for human consumption in the official pharmacopoeia of Ukraine. Ekomed’s products have been granted the status of functional foodstuff, which is a superior category of dietary supplements that can carry medical claims substantiated by clinical trials. These functional supplements are listed in this catalogue in the alphabetical order.
Our goal is to continue offering affordable, clinically-proven, science-based natural products, which can help provide long term sustainable solutions to some of the everyday health problems of our time.

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Company “Ekomed” follows commandments of Hippocrates : Our food must be medicine, and our medicine must be our food
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