The  company “Ekomed’ was founded in 1996.
Since that times we have been producing phytoconcentrates, which have the status of functional food products in Ukraine. However, production begins long before the laboratory: in the forest and in the field, where nature – the unrivaled designer of bioactive organic compounds – creates the basis for our phytoconcentrates.

Only in nature we can see the sources of the effective mechanisms for restoring health and therefore we have a special relationship to it. Director of “Ekomed” V.S. Pilipchuk mentions in almost every interview about the priority of solving environmental problems, warning about their consequences on human health.

The observing of the biological processes in nature with their functional perfection, maximum efficiency and mutual harmony help to created a standard for our aspirations, in the achievement of which we combine tradition and innovation in the design and production technology of our products. The principle of maximum return was extrapolated to corporate philosophy, where the main criterion for work efficiency is improving the health of a particular person. In terms of its value, this criterion always dominates over economic factors. People trust in our tinctures, developed over the years.
The company’s products are made only from pharmacopoeial plants. We understand that every plant species has its own soul, its own heart. This requires a particularly delicate approach to preserving and combining the ingredients extracted from them. In pharmacology, the phenomenon we are striving for is called ‘synergy’ – the mutual potentiation of the therapeutic effect by the components.

Our production has a certificate of the international standard (control systems at all stages of product production, storage and sale). In addition to technical and laboratory control, the dedication of our employees is a valuable tool for ensuring the quality and exclusivity of our products.

The company employs candidates and doctors of medical sciences, practicing doctors. Research work is carried out in collaboration with specialized domestic and foreign institutes and clinics.
Today, the academic world is increasingly accepting the rationality of our approaches in solving pressing health problems. Our company’s project of researching the effectiveness of the immunomodulator Immunoxel on patients with resistant forms of pulmonary tuberculosis was announced among the winners of the Grand Challenges Canada “Stars in Global Health” competition 2013. This grant is funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in cooperation with the Government of Canada, its goal is “… to search the innovations that can make a breakthrough in a health care, innovations available for implementation in practice, the use of which will change the way of treatment of diseases with obvious benefits in solving pressing health problems, including for the citizens of developing countries.” To become a winner of this competition is a special milestone for our company.

The effectiveness of our products in combined use for different pathologies is shown in clinical researches, publications and testimonials of our clients. The achieved result, together with the growing need of a modern person for non-toxic means of assistance, necessitates expanding our range. Today, it is represented by phytoconcentrates with anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory, cardiotropic, nephrotropic activity, means that contribute to the normalization of the neuro-endocrine, water-salt balance of the body, microcirculation processes.
Thanks to the state-of-the-art techniques and the tinctures made by Research and Production Association Ekomed, the possibilities of modern medicine in the treatment, including serious diseases, have significantly expanded. Research and Production Association Ekomed does not stop there and today continues to develop fundamentally new approaches to the prevention and treatment of diseases with natural, harmless, effective and inexpensive means. Modern medicine has not yet come close to such methods.




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