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About unique author's technology, mechanism of action of phytoconcentrates

  • “EKOMED” phytoconcentrates are multicomponent extracts of medicinal herbs containing bioactive substances in their natural form, not subject to thermal processing
  • the first and primary extraction agent used is special-purpose structured potable water which is added to fine-cut particles of each material ensuring strictly set proportions, which allows for the extraction of the required components without the use of ballast substances and heating within the first 10 to 15 minutes
  • the water extract is then made hydroalcoholic by introducing a 96% top-quality pure spirit solution, adhering to a strict proportion, to further extract useful components
  • a special technology is then used to blend the components
  • the components’ interrelation and mutual impacts are checked as well as their compatibility with cellular processes using the “structure fractalization” test

As a result, the potentiation of the components’ effect may lead to them being 40-50 times more effective than in pharmacopeial solutions with the same ingredients.

Owing to the technology used and the quality monitoring process, “Dietary supplements “EKOMED Phytoconcentrates” are pharmacologically active in multiple ways, produce therapeutic effects, ensure a positive dynamic in clinical symptoms and parameters when used to prevent illness and normalise bodily functions.


On the mode of action of “Ekomed” phytoconcentrates

Any living body functions due to continuous metabolism, a constant genetically pre-defined process of biochemical reactions. These reactions take place in the numerous subcellular structures, in the cell, in organs and tissues consisting of specialised cells, then in specialised systems and in the body as a whole. Where each of these structures functions properly, the body lives and is healthy. Meanwhile, “what is healthy cannot be ill” (A.V. Poroshin. The postulates of health or an introduction into holographic medicine. – Odessa: Dva slona, 1998).

The substances involved in life-critical reactions differ in molecular mass and chemical structure, divided into primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary. The latter two types of substance structure ensure the stereospecificity of their chemical reactions, since these types of structure include active centres ensuring the conjugation and flow of specific biochemical reactions. This type of structure is characteristic of numerous biomacromolecules, such as enzymes, hormones, receptors on the surface of cell membranes etc. It is important to note that no molecule in the body is “moving around on its own”, they are continuously interacting with other molecules in reactions, and their speed and outcomes are regulated by multiple systems working to ensure biochemical homeostasis, the integrated state of the body’s balanced functioning and vitality. It has to be noted that information homeostasis forms the matrix for biochemical homeostasis.

The chemical substances intended for the living body by nature are referred to as biotics. Alien substances are referred to as xenobiotics. The latter are further divided into synthetic (not found in nature) and natural (occurring in nature, but not characteristic of the composition of a given species). The research area of xenobiochemistry studies the interaction between xenobiotics, individual cells, and the body as a whole. The ultimate outcome of this type of interaction should be the xenobiotic’s processing through metabolism and its clearance from the body in the form ofmetabolites.

The environmental situation on the planet leads to conditions, where numerous xenobiotics enter the human body with the air, water, food as well as through synthetic medication. Since the xenobiotics’ chemical structure includes functional groups similar to the ones contained in biotics, these similar substances begin competing for binding sites at receptors. Where the xenobiotic molecules are numerous, they manage to push biotics out of the receptor binding zone, leading to a breakdown in the normal course of physiological reactions. In order to sustain its proper functioning, the body mobilizes other systems to compensate for the missing biochemical reactions and preserve homeostasis. This mobilization leads to changes in the kinetics of the compensatory reactions, causing incomplete metabolism products to build up in cellular membranes, polymer chains to develop, releasing free radicals which reinforce the generation of peroxide compounds, ultimately causing membranes to deteriorate. Receptors then approximate in the broken membranes, and the functional groups of macromolecules are brough close enough for them to interact, thus they become blocked and cannot react with the biotic needed for the relevant physiological reaction to take place. This leads to breakdowns in metabolism as well as organ and system malfunctions. The body then requires biologically active solutions (BAS) which can help restore the impaired bodily functions.

The key characteristic of biologically active substances is their ability to stabilise cellular membrane structure. How can BAS enter the human body? Their primary source is plant food. Naturally, the food has to be of high quality and not contain any food additive xenobiotics, such as colouring agents, flavour intensifiers, stabilisers etc. It may be quite difficult to ensure this sort of nutrition nowadays, but the body needs our support, nonetheless. This is why the “Dietary supplements “EKOMED Phytoconcentrates” have been created to prevent illness and normalise bodily functions.

The key difference between EKOMED solutions and other plant-based treatments and prophylaxis means is the unique technology used in their production, allowing to obtain a new multifractional substance, a phytoconcentrate. The technology involves two-stage extraction from medicinal plants using structured potable water and a hydroalcoholic solution without heating, it ensures that the biochemical activity of the enzymes dehydrated when the plant was dried is restored, they are able to undergo specific short-term reactions with certain components of the plant product, which is then suppressed with the addition of alcohol. Finally, BAS are extracted separately from each portion of the plant product. The resulting fractions are combined in a pre-determined order and observing strict proportions, ensuring proper interaction between the components and their synergistic biological activity.

How do phytoconcentrates stabilise cellular membrane structure and restore membrane functions?

Firstly, this is achieved through detoxication. The biologically active substances contained in the phytoconcentrates have a diuretic, cholagogic, and hypercholesteraemic effect, facilitating the clearance of toxic metabolites, freeing receptors from the imposed reactions with xenobiotics, and allowing for the conformational structure of active centres to be restored. Detoxication is facilitated by uronic acids contained in many of the plant products: conjugation involving them is the key detoxication mechanism for vertebrates.

Secondly, the phytoconcentrates contain multiple substances with antioxidant and anti-radical effects. Among them are numerous polyphenolic compounds, including quercetin and its glycosides, various carotenoids and hydroxycinnamic acids, as well as ascorbic acid, tocopherols etc.

Thirdly, stable membranes have a liquid-crystalline structure that may be restored when damaged through resonance reactions of biologically active substances able to form highly ordered fractal and liquid-crystalline structures. All EKOMED phytoconcentrates are studied in terms of their ability to form these structures after the fractions are combined and the solutions mature. This is a mandatory step before any solution is approved for manufacturing. This type of quality control is only used at “Ekomed”, meaning our products are unique in this sense.

Owing to the technology used and the quality monitoring process, the “Dietary supplements “EKOMED Phytoconcentrates” are pharmacologically active in multiple ways, produce therapeutic effects, ensure a positive dynamic in clinical symptoms and parameters when used to prevent illness and normalise bodily functions.


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