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Киев, улица Хорива, 4
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TB basic science / Clinical trials and TB treatment

P14, 91121 ADJUNCT IMMUNOTHERAPY OF XDR-TB, GA Kutsyna,1 N Nathalia Prihoda,2 O Olga Arjanova,2 V Volodymyr Pylypchuk3 'Lubansk State Medical University, Luhansk, Ukraine; 2Lisichansk TB Dispensary, Lisichansk, Ukraine; 3EkomedLLC, Kiev, Ukraine. Fax: (380) 1234S678 e-mail: kutsyna@list ru

Keywords: immunotherapy; drug-resistant TB; XDR-TB According to the latest study patients with extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis (XDR-TB) had higher mortality rate than patients with MDR-TB [1], Only 29,3% of those with XDR-TB were cured compared to 46 2% of patients with MDR-TB [2] TB therapy success rate in Russian patients with XDR-TB as reported by Keshavjee et al., was 48.3% [3]. Earlier reported cure rates in Europe, USA, Peru and Korea were between 37.5%-67% indicating that XDR-TB poses serious clinical challenge [4­7], We have shown that immune-modulating interventions can significantly improve TB treatment outcomes [8]. We treated twelve XDR-TB individuals, seven of which in addition to standard chemotherapy received Dzherelo (Immunoxel),Svitanok and Lisorm - over-the-counter herbal immunomodulators available in Ukraine (Table 1) All these seven patients improved clinically and radiologically and were discharged after 3.7±0.8 months, with average/median time to mycobacterial clearance 28/25 days. None of five patients on TB drugs alone improved and one had died. These results reveal statistically different treatment outcomes due to immune intervention (Mantel Haenszel odds ratio= 11; P= 0.0009 at 95% CI). Adjunct herbal immunotherapy is safe, shortens treatment duration, and can overcome drug resistance even in patients with extremely poor prognosis. Further studies are needed to confirm our findings.

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