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Price in consultation and diagnostic centers Ekomed - 35 UAH.

Composition: aqueous alcohol extract of Hawthorn fruit, Dyer’s broom herb, Eleutherococcus roots, Dandelion roots, Oregano, Marygold flowers, Seabuckthorn fruit, Maize cores with stigmas, Tormentil rootstock.

Thyroid gland dysfunction has become ever more serious in modern society, influencing the health of millions of people in the world. In some countries the number patients with the thyroid gland disease exceeds that of diabetes. Despite available hormonal treatment patients still have symptoms of the disease such as bulging eyes, irritability, and neck swelling.

Clinical studies of Schizaren have shown that this phytoconcentrate has a pronounced normalizing effect on the hyper- and hypo-thyrodiism. It improves metabolism and corrects structural and functional abnormalities of the thyroid gland. Schizaren can also control arterial pressure and levels of hemoglobin.

The principal activity of Schizaren consists in decreasing autoimmune reaction directed toward thyroid gland. As a result the doses of substitutive hormone therapy can be gradually reduced (under physician’s control). The phytoconcentrate can also decrease of the size and number of nodules in the thyroid gland.

It is recommended for alleviating symptoms of thyroiditis, mixed hyperplastic and nodular goiter, abnormal function of the thyroid gland function, and for prophylaxis of disorders of the thyroid gland.

Take 30-70 drops per 50-100 ml of water depending on degree of the thyroid gland dysfunction once or twice per day.

Extensive testing in clinics has not revealed any side effects caused by Schizaren (see for general instructions and precautions on the package).

TУ У 15.8-23732912-016:2006

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